Artist's Statement:

"My first instructor told me ˜talent is only 10% of painting fine art. The other 90% is desire, hard work, and doggedness.' With the right instruction, the talent can be expanded, shaped, and nurtured, but, the student has to supply the desire, hard work, and doggedness. A good artist, like a good athlete, makes it look easy. What the artist and the athlete know is how much hard work was required to achieve success and how many failed tries it took to achieve that one great moment. In my classes we work hard, we cover a lot of basic material, we encourage each other and we enjoy our successes. All artists build on the shoulders of others. Artists today are building on the shoulders of Sargent, Sorollo, Velasquez, Duran, and others. They learned from each other and we are learning from them. An artist never stops learning. The best artists are trying to exceed their latest effort. There are heights beyond heights to explore and that's what makes painting so satisfying and fulfilling."
Basic Workshops: Jean periodically offers weekend workshops for beginning or intermediate painters. Within the period of the workshop, participants will learn or review basic principals of oil painting and will become comfortable with manipulating oil paints, canvas, and brushes. The artists will learn the basics of color mixing; will learn to recognize value and chroma; will learn the basics of composition; and will complete a landscape painting.  Contact Jean regarding workshops by mail, phone, e-mail, or the reply form on this web site.
During this workshop (Jan. 20-22, 2006) Jean Gauld-Jaeger enabled me to break through my frustration and discouragement about painting. I was stuck on a plateau after five years of painting. Her passion for art and her ability to share her knowledge was evidenced in many ways. Not only did she demonstrate new techniques for priming canvases, developing a congruent and versatile palette, shaping and painting landscapes, but also she showed me how to breathe life into my painting. With her encouragement and experienced eye Jean urged me to step back from my painting and observe the effect of the most recent paint strokes.

Jean's paintings and her extensive knowledge of translating what is seen onto a canvas make her an inspiring and creative teacher. I enthusiastically recommend this workshop for beginners and those wanting to improve their skills and passion for painting.

- Rosalie
Advanced workshops are available for persons who have participated in one of Jean's Basic Workshops or have comparable workshop experience with another artist or school. Please contact Jean directly.

Independent Instruction is also available for a limited number of persons who either live in the immediate area or are visiting the area and wish to have individual instruction while they are in the area. Please contact Jean directly.
For a list of currently scheduled events, see the events page.

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